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Smokey Mountain Ranch

Utah County, Utah


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Trail Rides


      Smokey Mountain Ranch offers guided trail rides on the ranch.  With thousands of acres to access both on the ranch and in surrounding forest lands there is plenty of trails to follow.  Early morning and early evening rides offer opportunities to see wildlife.  Day long rides are also offered. You can bring a pack lunch or we can provide one for you.  These rides are great for dates, family outings, club socials, or just for a good ol' horse ride.  Please contact the ranch for available times. Please call several days in advance to schedule a time.

Ride Type                     Price        Group rate (4-8 riders)

2 hr ride:                  $60/person          $40/person

Half Day:                 $80/person          $60/person

Full Day w/dinner:   $100/person        $80/person




     Outfitting and pack trips are offered for those who want to go camping on horse back.  Smokey Mountain Ranch offers overnight or longer trips on or near the ranch.  Bring your own horse or use one of ours.  Please contact the ranch for available times.


Overnight Rides w/Dutch Oven dinner and Breakfast:

$150/person        or      $100/person for group rate (4-8 riders)









Hunting and Fishing


       Smoking Mountain Ranch offers hunting and nearby fishing.  Diamond Fork Canyon is home to elk, mule deer, turkey, cougar, black bear, duck, brown trout, and rainbow trout.  We offer guided hunts on our private property.  All tags and permits must be acquired through the Utah Division of Wildlife Services.  The ranch offers cow elk tags for sale yearly. Please contact the ranch for more information.






Riding Lessons


       Riding lessons are available for all ages and experience levels.  We teach natural horsemanship methods that help to create a trusting connection between the rider and the horse.  Learn how to ride a horse at your speed and comfort level.  Learn to work cows, to cut, to rein, to rope, and to become an experienced rider.  Bring your own horse or use one of ours. Lessons will be about an hour long.  $35/lesson.  Please contact the ranch for more information.






Horse Rentals and Horse Time Shares


       Horse rentals and horse time shares are a great opportunity for people who don't have the time, space, or money to purchase and care for their own horse.  You can rent a horse for a day or a weekend to go for a ride.  Horse time shares offer a unique opportunity to have "your" horse reserved for a certain number of days out of the year.  You can purchase a time share on one horse that will be your horse for its life time or as long as you like.  You can use this horse for weekend getaways or to take to horse shows.  Please contact for more information. 





Live Music


       Located at the ranch headquarters is a natural amphitheater, great for outdoor performance.  Smokey Mountain Ranch has partnered with Diamond Fork Music to offer a summer concert series at the ranch.  A variety of music styles are offered.  Please visit for concert schedules.