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Smokey Mountain Ranch

Utah County, Utah


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The Ranch


         Smokey Mountain Ranch is located in Diamond Fork Canyon in Utah County, Utah.  The ranch has a long history of ranching; beginning with sheep, then cattle, and now a large herd of registered Quarter Horses.  The surrounding area is full of history enriched with stories of Indian and settler battles, Spanish explorers, Spanish gold, and old railroad towns.  The ranch offers a unique mountain atmosphere but still within a convenient distance of the city lifestyle, only 50 miles south of Salt Lake City.


Smokey Mountain Ranch's breeding program has focused on the legendary Mr. Gun Smoke crossed on such lines as Freckles Playboy, Gay Bar King, Doc Tom Tucker, King Fritz, Colonel Freckles, Senor George, Opie News Flash, High Brow Hickory, and many others.  This carefully selected choice of foundation line bred horses has resulted in horses that offer extreme athleticism, lots of cow sense, soft eyes, kind dispositions, and plenty of personality.  The ranch herd consists of the largest band of Mr. Gun Smoke bred mares in the nation.  The brood mare band is ran over several mountain pastures allowing plenty of room and terrain to help raise and strengthen the athletic foals. Smokey Mountain Ranch's philosophy is to allow the horse to be a horse while capturing its natural talents and abilities through natural horsemanship methods.


         Smokey Mountain Ranch also offers many guest services and opportunities to experience this rustic lifestyle. These include outfitting, trail riding, hunting, nearby fishing, riding lessons, horse rentals, horse time shares, and live music.  Please come and enjoy this great environment surrounded by great horses.  Visitors are always welcome.


our bloodlines

        Smokey Mountain Ranch offers some of the finest foundation bloodlines available.  Listed below are links to articles, pedigrees, and pictures of these lines. (coming soon)

  • Mr. Gunsmoke

  • King Fritz

  • Oklahoma Star

  • Senor George

  • Doc Tom Tucker

  • Smokey Skip Jack